Thursday 9 October 2008

Without Reproach reaches 25 on best seller list

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For some reason, the Canadian Amazon store seems to like my book. I checked over the figures this morning and was absolutely amazed to see that Without Reproach had reached number 25 on the Amazon best seller list but had SOLD OUT!

For the second time, Amazon Best Seller.

But damnation. How can it remain an Amazon best seller if there are no books to sell? The USA, the UK, --- there was zilch movement - nada, but Canada - wow!

Temporary best seller.

Okay, I know this best seller thing is only temporary, and it's probably slipping already, but it's been there, done that. By tonight it will most likely slide quietly out of the list and settle into oblivion, so I've taken a screen shot to remember it by.

For a view of the screen shot go to Best Seller. I just had to take it to remind myself in the bleak days ahead.

The last time it had a brief surge, it reached number 50. Now it's 25. How, why? Hey .... do I care, I'm just enjoying the buzz.

Canada. I love you!

Amazon best seller, Amazon best seller

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Amber said...

Regardless, congratulations! Getting published is an amazing feat itself.