Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Why do we read?

From: Mellow my Rome

Subject: Why?

Message: I would like to gain your perspective on the follow topic. Why should we read books if it is only a one dimensional thought? Thank you!

Well to start with, Mellow-my-Rome, I’d like to say when you’re asking questions, please use your own name, and a little more consideration.

My name is Anthony, and I like people to call me either that or Tony. I find your query a little abrupt. When you're asking for assistance, try using diplomacy or you might not get answers.

I also have to say it seems rather like you’re asking me to answer your homework question. This isn’t the type of query normally asked on my blog. However, that said, I will attempt to put across my ideas.

In my opinion, to say books are one-dimensional, is taking a rather simplistic approach. It smacks of psycho-babble. Who says books are one-dimensional? With what authority do you claim it?

The act of reading is a dynamic process that stimulates all senses.

  • Provocative descriptions inspire sexual desires, conjure up sounds, bring back memories of smell, and create vivid pictures in the mind.
  • We cry, smile and laugh with a good story – how can that be attributed to the one-dimensional hypothesis?
  • There is no question of, ‘Why should we read books’. We read books because we choose to.
  • Reading is an enjoyable pastime. No one forces us to read (except perhaps, in an educational environment).
  • We read books for relaxation and pleasure. We choose to lose ourselves in the beauty of well-written books, where the story, in our minds, becomes a perfect translation of events.
  • Reading is the diametric opposite of a film, where viewers share the director's translation of events - which can never be as perfect as the one in YOUR mind. A book has as many interpretations as there are readers, each creating their own perfect scenario.
  • If you believe there needs to be a reason for you to not read, then don’t.

To sum it up Mellow-my-Rome, I’m not here to persuade you to read. I have no interest one way or another in the way you pass your time. It will simply be your loss if you choose not to.

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