Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Characters, writers and success.

Tell Me a Story - advice

Characters are most successful when we, as writers, equate with them.

Book Characters

When we identify with characters in books, when we take pleasure in their friendship, the characters become real to us.

Psychologist claim characters are a prognosis of some component of a writer's persona. Maybe so, maybe not; whatever, this doesn’t have to signify that your written character is a portrayal of you – although this can happen, what it means is that you write as if they are actual people.


When creating our stories, we are perhaps inclined to be performers as well as writers. When we create a character, we psychologically recreate the role, and in order to write successfully, we see ourselves being that character; we verbalize the figure, we act out the role in our mind. If we can't do it, we don't write with authority.

Even though we probably refute that our protagonist mirrors us, they are perhaps the persona we would be if we dressed in their cloak - even the dark characters. Buried deep in most of us is a dark side, when we write, we allow that side to bubble to the surface.

By whatever means, in order to be successful as writers we need to breathe soul into our fantasies - and only by doing so, will our imaginings become someone else's reality.

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