Wednesday, 27 August 2008

An interview with author, Michael Raymond

  • I’d like to introduce you to author, Michael Raymond. Hi Mike, would you like to tell us how long you've been writing?

Hi Anthony. Well, as a courseware developer, for 15 yrs. For fun, since 2005.

  • So how many books have you written?

Just the one so far, it’s called "We The People”. It’s a Science Fiction adventure.

  • And what prompted you to write it?

I suppose reading an article about dirty bombs and terrorists put the idea into my head.

  • So is your book aimed mainly at men, women or children?

Well Anthony, it’s really aimed at men and women who enjoy 'what-if' stories.

  • I’m intrigued, Mike! Let’s give it a plug, where can people buy your book?

It’s available at

  • And have you any other work in the pipeline?

I have Anthony, I'm working on a short ebook for writers and formulating the sequel to “We The People”.

  • You’re quite a busy bee then. Would you like to give us a very brief outline of, “We The People”? I’m sure everyone is curious.

Well, dozens of cities worldwide are destroyed by nuclear bombs. A group calling themselves 'The People' claim responsibility and demand that all militaries disarm and disband.

The hero is a CIA operative who is trying to find the terrorists in a hurry. The governments of the world are starting to comply.Instead of terrorists, he discovers a covert operation by aliens to prepare the world for invasion.

It isn't enough to find and destroy them because he must also learn about the invasion and about the new type of nuclear weapons used in the attacks.

  • Wow! Great stuff. I hope people are taking note. Do you have a Web address for the readers? I find most like to have a contact place to read up about authors and books.

I do, it’s

  • Now then, Mike, I understand you’re doing something rather special with this book. Would you like to explain?

Thanks for mentioning it, Anthony. All royalties for this book are being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. I’ve started a project called READ for Cancer - that encourages my readers to donate to local Cancer fundraisers and circulate the book. Details can be found on the web site.

  • Mike, that’s a wonderful gesture. Readers, take note and support this guy. What a great thing to do. You deserve every success. I wish you all the best.
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