Sunday, 13 July 2008

An Editor's View

  • AJ, as editor of your novel, WITHOUT REPROACH, I've been following your blog with curiosity. I think this may be of interest to your readers. Tell me, what does it feel like to have a third party scrutinise your work?
Wow, Maureen, that’s a bit close to the old heartstrings. First off, you must realise writers are in awe of editors; we look upon you as a different species … beings who exist in ivory towers. We look to you for guidance, yet don’t want you to give it. We realise you’ll be correcting our silly grammar and spelling mistakes, but other stuff …
When it comes to submitting our work … well it’s as if we’re subjecting our sickly babe for analysis by a specialist – not wanting them to find anything wrong, yet knowing there’s no chance. We writers are fragile things, our manuscripts are precious and it’s a blow to our ego when something is wrong.
  • So, what about when we make suggestions for slight changes? How do you feel then?
Sometimes, in my writing, I’ve assumed everyone will understand what I mean, but as you pointed out a few times, if YOU don’t get it, other people will have the same problem. In that respect, it’s good to have a professional opinion. I think writers develop a blind spot to their own work, and don’t see errors. That’s when people like you are vital.
I think it’s also important to have a professional editor verify timelines etc, in a novel. I know I was amazed at how much effort you put into the editing process. I hadn’t realised how many checks were made before putting a book to bed. I bow to your expertise.

  • Thank you, AJ. As your editor, I want to wish you good luck with book sales.
Thanks Maureen, I think I need it. I hope we can chat on here again sometime.
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