Thursday, 5 June 2008

Writer's Workshop!

Here's a quick one for you that I've just picked up.

For those of you in the UK lucky enough to live in the vicinity, a writer's workshop will be held at the Bromyard Centre with successful author, Manda Scott in tenure.

The session, on Wednesday, June 25 will be between 10am and 4pm, and costs absolutely NOTHING!
I believe it's an initiative on the part of the National Year of Reading by the grace of forward thinking, Herefordshire Council.

I wish more councils would take the same initiative. Writing just doesn't get the same backing as other arts. It deserves more .... and don't give me the shit that writers get paid for their work. Most writers make sod-all. It's a labour of love. It's like any art, only the succesful make anything out of it. Everyone else needs subsidy.

Any wannerbe interested, will need to produce an example of their work (1 poem, or approximately 300 words of literature).

For more information, visit I understand that reservations are necessary as places are restricted.

So get clicking!


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