Wednesday 11 June 2008

There's a Chance After All.

There's hope for all first time writers.

It gladdens my heart when I pick up news like this. In the old 'Down Under' regions, in beautiful New Zealand, writer Mary McCallum has made it. Her d├ębut novel, 'The Blue' has been selected into the finals in the fiction category for the Montana New Zealand Book Awards.

So for everyone punching out their first scribbling, your first novel might just do the same. For the talented few, it seems it can still happen .

The Wellington writer's debut novel is up against Laurence Fearnley, for Edwin & Matilda, Alice Tawhai, for Luminous, and Charlotte Grimshaw, for Opportunity.

Ms. McCallum has been a broadcast journalist in New Zealand and Europe, and is now a freelance writer and reviewer.

She is one of five Wellington finalists in the country's most prestigious literary awards. I wish her well. I know the other writers won't appreciate my comments, but the idea of a new novel hitting the high spot fills me with hope.

Good on you sport! I wish I could join you.


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