Wednesday 4 June 2008

New Authors.

Tell Me a Story opinion.

It's a shit, but it's a fact!

It's many times more difficult to sell a brilliant book by a new author than it is to sell a rubbish one by a popular author. The exceptional book by a new author must fight its way against enormous odds. There are in excess of 150,000 new publications each year. Most new authors fall by the wayside.

The new author has to assert themselves and stand on their own merit. A book by a popular author already has an awaiting readership.


There are several things significant in making a hit of a book: first, the celebrity status of the author; second, the uniqueness of the plot; third, the extent of the publicity, and fourth, how central the topic is to the reader.

Most new writers have no celebrity status, but it pisses me off when they do. Okay, so I'm envious of them, I make no bones about it. In general their writing is crap so why should they make it when thousands of hard-working writers don't.


A unique plot .... well that's down to the author. I suppose we all feel our work is unique .. but is it?

Publicity! Don't make me laugh. What publishing house is going to pour a tight publicity budget into an unknown? They're in it to make money not become popular with writers. They boost profits by pushing the popular writer.

Let's play tag.

So I guess it's down to topic, and it's down to us to let our readers know how topical our work is. We have to push whatever's in our book - make hay out of every strand of grass in it. Let the readers know what's in there .... how?

Well Amazon can help. Use the 'Tag' function to guide readers. Let them know about the little gems inside YOUR book. Play the system, they won't mind because it'll boost their profits as well as yours.

And like all authors, I could do with a hand, so if you feel like helping, next time you're on Amazon, just look up Without Reproach and tick my tags. It won't cost you anything, but it'll help me no end..... And if you want me to do the same for you, just drop a line.....


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Sulci Collective said...

There has always been this commodity factor to art. I used to write stage plays and there the theatre/Literary managers knew Harold Pinter represented X thousand bums on seats (anatomy not down & outs), Robert LePage Y thousand and little old unknow me z hundred. Therefore you have to wonder at the literary value of your first works, until your name has attained critical commercial mass, after which potentially you can sell any old tosh on the strength of your reputation. 'Art' seems to have very little to do with these formulas...

Josie Kramer said...

We are opening up an new online bookstore featuring JUST new authors.