Saturday, 31 May 2008

So, You're a Wannerbe Writer!

Tell Me a Story - advice

Anthony, could I take a collection of my writing, compile them together and turn that into a book just like some bloggers do?

Wow! Now hold on there. Success in all the arts is a long and dusty road I'm afraid. Only the determined stick it out. Sometimes I wonder if that's what the publishers are looking for .... staying power.

There are no shortcuts except for the very lucky. Disregard all stories you hear of overnight successes that certain blog-writers have had, it just ain't gonna happen again. All the authors I know, have served some sort of apprenticeship to the pen. Not all have a formal education by any means, but all have thoroughly earned their spurs.

There are milliions of writers out there, all of them chasing the same dream. Publishers know this and can afford to be choosy, so be warned. However, said that, please don't be put off, I just want you to be prepared for hard work, and to study the techniques invloved. Nobody just sits down and writes a successful book. There are standards to meet, methods to learn.

There are numerous text-books on the subject, and you should read at least a couple to see the writing world from differing perspectives. No artist in any field, ever found success without understanding everything there was to know about the subject. Writers are no different.

Join an on-line writer's circle such as , get in contact with like-minded people and you'll receive encouragement and help. Read as many blogs on the subject as you can, pick up hints and tips and see what other authors talk about.

Absolutely immerse yourself in the world of writing, and one day, just maybe, you might just get lucky. But until then .... stick at it .... and good luck!


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