Thursday, 24 April 2008

Writing Tips - A Time and a Place for Writing

Tell Me a Story - writing tips

So you want to write but you don't have enough time. Rubbish! You're telling lies.

If you think you have no time, you're indulging in self-deception. Don't claim your job or your family or anything else, takes up so much of your time that you can't write.

If there was an emergency, you'd find time wouldn't you? Treat this as your own little emergency. Learn to prioritise! Okay, so you really do need to see to your family, I admit it. But there are other things that might be seen as important, that really aren't. You are important! What you want out of life is just as important as what your partner wants. We all have priorities, don't let someone else's priorities take a higher rank than your own. Explain that it really is not selfish to want a little time to yourself.

  • Get up early, understand your lifestyle and adjust it to suit - and write.
  • Don't watch TV, write.
  • Make the kids tidy their own beds and put their own things away, write.

It's surprising how you can cut corners and still make ends meet.
  • Don't idle your time away. Don't sit with a magazine with your coffee break. If you have spare time, sit with a pad and pen instead, and make notes.
  • Get into the habit of writing where ever you are (I've even made notes on the loo).
  • Get a digital audio recorder, keep it on you at all times - record those ideas as they bubble up.

Get your priorities right for heaven's sake! Get writing!

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